On the 10th of September there was a lecture about car accidents prevention for senior classes. These lectures are organized by the municipal police. We have already attended similar kinds of lectures in the previous years. This lesson was not only useful for car drivers but also for all the other road users including pedestrians and cyclists. We all should obey the traffic regulations and try to stay safe at all times.

Everyone has learnt to keep a safe distance, to have a good view of our surroundings and to set their seat in a comfortable position in their driving school but nobody ever taught us how drugs affect people while driving. It could be just alcohol or some more serious drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. The effects of these addictive substances start with slightly blurred vision and reduced capability to guess the correct distance and narrower field of view. Overdosing or drinking too much can even have more serious effects like hallucinations or other delusions. At that point even an experienced drinker or substance abuser has next to no chance of not ending up crashing into something. So, the very clear and obvious message was: Don’t DO IT!

I think that bringing up these problematics and discussing them is very useful to everyone since it helps to enrich our knowledge and improves the way we view the world around us. These activities should be practiced at all schools and the complexity of the information should be adjusted to the age of the students. The lecturing police officer was really nice, experienced and talkative. His speech has successfully created passionate discussions among the students themselves. I’ve enjoyed the seminary throughout the whole thing. I’m very certain that I will drive more safely from now on and even If I am just walking on the sidewalk, I’ll feel safer than ever before.

Kristýna Bláhová, oktáva A