Who is Viktorie Hanišová? When did she pay a visit to our grammar school? And how did we enjoy her presence? If any of those above mentioned questions have raised your interest, you should definitely keeping reading.

Viktorie H. is our contemporary woman novelist and Host’s significant author of three books. Her debut book, named Anežka, is dealing with the malfunction of the relationship between mother and her adoptive daughter, also addressing the topics such as hidden racism or general stereotypes. Meanwhile, her second piece is challenging the stigma of the domestic violence in hand with traumatic childhood. But the main role play the mushrooms as the title hints - Houbařka.
The least but not last (we dare to hope) bears the name Rekonstrukce. It is the loose elongation of her two previous books and the major issue stays the same - the maternity.

We were given the opportunity to meet her, to ask her questions related or unrelated to her work as well as to find out what it is like to be a professional writer. She has shared with us the secrets of her creative process, the advantages and disadvantages of being an author. She has been very candid and honest with her words. Although most of the students was not very acquainted with her work, she was not afraid to speak about her routines and personal matters connected with writing as well.

Personally, I have never met any author of any book in a real life before, and it was an interesting experience for me. I was surprised how tight the connection may be amidst the writer and her books, moreover I was eager to know her opinions and thoughts, the self-reflection of her own work. And she has surpassed my expectation.

Natália Motysová, oktáva A