4th September (Wednesday)
Today we arrived to Jesenice u Rakovníka. We went by bus. When the bus stopped, we got out of it and walked a little bit to the camp. Of course, we had to carry our bags and suitcases on our own. I came to the camp and found some friends who were later in the cabin with me. We put our things in the cabin and went back out. Teacher Kloudová told us what we will do today and what are the rules of the adaptation course. Then we ate lunch. The meal was good, but it wasn't my favourite food. In the afternoon we played some games to get to know each other and to get to know our teacher Walterová too. Then we had lecture of first aid. In the evening we sat around the campfire and roasted a sausage or some bread. We had the light-out and 10.00 PM.

5th September (Thurday)
We woke up at 6.30 and we were out at 7.30 all dressed up. In the morning teachers leaded us to a near forest and we made groups of six and five. Before the game, the teachers put some ribbons on the path and some papers with tasks on the trees next to the path where our teams later went. My team found and accomplished all tasks but we didn't get right the last word which we needed the most, so we obviously didn't win. After the lunch we got a lesson about hot to work with compass. In the evening we went to the woods in teams of six-eight children. We were orienteering with maps. When we got back we ate some food and went to sleep.

6th September (Friday)
When we woke up – around 7 o'clock in the morning - we started packing our things. At 8 AM we went out of the cabin and we played some messed up fairy tales we had to practice. Also we said some poems we had to practice. After the lunch we grabbed our things, got into the bus and went home.

Karolina Vlčková, prima A