In early May a few selected students from sextas and 2. A participated in the second part of a exchange with our partner school in Regensburg. We all had a wonderful time when our German friends visited us last year in October and so we were really excited to see them again and explore their city.

On Monday we had a great tour of the old town with a very well-informed Czech guide who also told us many fascinating facts about the city’s history.

On the following days we were able to see a number of interesting places in and around Regensburg. Like the beautiful neoclassical monuments Begreiungshalle and Walhalla, the castle Prunn or the historic underground of the city.

We also had a chance to visit our exchange partners’ school - Albertus Magnus Gymnasium. While there we went to several lessons and could see how things work in a German school.

Probably the most anticipated was our one-day trip to Munich. We visited a huge English park - one of the biggest in the world. We spent at least two hours there and didn’t even get to see more than a quarter of it. Later we had some well-deserved free time to roam the city and get something to eat. The day ended with everyone completely exhausted.

The week went by really fast and before we knew it, we were saying goodbye to each other at the train station. We have all greatly enjoyed this exchange and are very glad that we had this opportunity.

Monika Školová, sexta A