Wednesday the 22nd of May was really interesting for us, because we visited the food bank in Pilsen. Our excursion was organized by Mrs. Jindřichová, who went with us together with Miss Hlavatá. The institution gives food to people, who need help. At first people and supermarkets give food or toiletries to this bank and volunteers categorize it. After this work the boxes are donated to the people in difficult situation in their life. Our grammar school joined one of the national food collections for the first time last November. The bank in the Pilsen region started with helping on 13. 6. 2014 in an old building in the street Politických vězňů. This location is about fifteen minutes far from our school, which means the journey wasn’t long.

At first we were welcomed by Mrs. Tallová. She explained general information and after this short introduction she opened the door of the warehouse. Mrs. Tallová also said how many kilograms of food are thrown into bin per year in our households. It is about one hundred kilograms from each person, which is terrible.
Behind the door there were many boxes, which were full of food and stuff. We needed to categorize the food into new organized boxes, with rice, milk or chocolate for example. We were moving, taking and categorizing for approximately two hours and at the end we got a sweet snack.

At the beginning of this visit we were a little afraid, but finally we enjoyed it perfectly. This interesting and exciting excursion was a genial idea of our teacher and we are happy that we were allowed to help.

Monika Kůsová, tercie A