On Thursday 6th June, our seminar financial education, kvarta A and kvarta B, set on a trip to Prague under a supervision of our teachers Miss Benešová and Miss Boříková. We went on a trip to Czech National Bank.

At 8.20 se started our trip at train station and two hours later we arrived to Prague. We walked to the main entrance of Czech National Bank. After entering we had to go through a security check if we didn't have any dangerous object on us. The only dangerous thing, which was very interesting for the security staff, was a pair of compasses which one of our schoolmates had in her pencil case. Then we left our stuff in a closet and then a guide led us to a conference room. In a form of document (two specifically) projected to us we found out a lot of interesting information connected with founding and functions of a Czech central bank.

The next part of a tour was a room which used to serve as a place for keeping money, today transformed into a small visitors' museum. We could learn everything about history of money, history of the bank about money counterfeiting and about some bunch of other interesting things connected with money world. We could even verify our banknotes if they are real and we could touch a golden brick.

At the end of the tour, there was a quiz waiting for us. The winners were given a roll of shredded banknotes, which were taken away form circulation. That was the end of our tour and we set on the way back to Pilsen.

Simona Melicharová, kvarta B, free translation