On 14th May in DEPO 2015, the English group of sexta A together with Mr. Puda took part in a workshop with a German singer Uwe Kaa. We all were very shy at the beginning, but we quickly overcame it as soon as we got used to speaking all the time in German and the workshop became very funny shortly. At the beginning, Uwe, his guitar player and DJ Steffan played their song “Eine Liebe”, which couldn´t be got rid of our heads for a long time.

Then we introduced ourselves, talked about our favourite colours and music styles etc., it was followed by a variety of exercises focused on concentration and last but not least exercises when we were searching for some words which rhymed with the word “love”. All these activities brought us to piece de resistance… We were divided into groups of three, each group wrote its own rhymes which put together gave us a new stanza for a new remix of above mentioned song “Eine Liebe”. And we could sing what we had written, even several times.

After a short break for lunch, we went to Uwe´s concert where we were joined by other students from other classes and schools. The concert was, without any doubts, a great success and Uwe won hearts of many girls and boys at the concert. A long queue justified for signature and photo selfie justified this claim. This was the very end of the action.

Every body liked the workshop and the concert very much and we would immediately repeat this experience.

Matěj Bureš, sexta A, free translation