THE UNIVERSITY. One of the most expected milestones in the lifetime of the grammar school students. The carefree times of adolescence are slowly and inconspicuously ending and we are standing in front of the biggest choice – what we will be for the rest of our lives or at least part of it. As a preview we have been acquainted with our options, through the Day with Uni programme at our school.

On 22nd May both Septima A and B and even the third years spent their Wednesday forenoon with the representatives of faculties form the Pilsen based University of West Bohemia. Not only the technical or the mechanical engineering oriented as it´s typical for our region but also the Faculty of Law or one of the oldest faculties in the country – the Medicine were presented to us. The whole programme was divided into short 15 minutes lasting periods in which every deputy presented his or her department. After the presentation we had the chance to discuss our thoughts and ask our questions. I find it very useful and convenient that we could have talked about our future course in order to maintain the right direction for our occupation.

Such a programme made a good impression on me. We learned lots of new information. I´m glad that our school offers us this opportunity, providing small introspection and tour into the depths of student´s soul. The only thing that scares me is that this new era is closer and closer every day.

Natalia Motysová, septima A