I would like to tell you about our trip to Germany - to city Dresden. Everything started yesterday at 6.20 when we had a meeting in front of our school. We left 0Pilsen sometimes around 6.40 by bus. It was quite a long way - almost 4 hours (lots of time we spent in Prague).

In my opinion, Dresden (sometimes called Venice upon Labe) is a very nice city. It isn't as big as for example Brennen, Berlin or Munich, but there are many sights (mostly barock) and it is easier to visit them in a shorter time period

At first, we visited The Hygiene Museum. It was awesome! All secrets of our bodies in this huge building (I must say that from distance, this building looked like a crematorium.)! Very disgusting was the real human embrio (33 weeks old). So it looked like a baby, dead baby, in some conservative water. Our steps continued into the town. We were in Gallery (with famous picture painted by Rafaelo - The Sixtin's Madonna) The walls were covered with hundreds of pictures by Rembrandt, Veronese and so on…

We visited many more sights. The one thing I must say - it was unforgettable trip.

Natalie Labuťová, 3. B