In the early morning on 23rd April, two classes - 3. B and 2. B gathered in front of our school building waiting not just for the bus but also for our classmate Lucka. The waiting was pointless since she could not go abroad due to her stolen ID in Paris.

We were supposed to be in Dresden before 10 o'clock, unfortunately, we got stuck in the traffic jam on the Czech highway.

When we finally arrived in Dresden we were not very excited about our first place to stop - The museum of hygiene. Our expectation was very low. What could we see there? Old tissues, napkins or an exhibition of tooth pastes?! However, we could not be more wrong. After this exciting exhibition full of knowledge about human body, we walked along Elbe to the old town centre where we were amazed by the beauty of Frauenkirche and other landmarks. Dresden was destroyed during the WWII. Nevertheless, thanks to the people the city (including the entire Frauenkirche, was rebuilt. We didn't just get to see Frauenkirche, but we also visited the famous Picture Gallery where the Raffael's famous picture of Madonna is shown.

Dresden if gorgeous city not just for lovers of sights but for students as well. We enjoyed the trip a lot.

Nikol Hlušičková, 3. B