On the 23rd March, with our seminar class “Financial education” we met together, two classes, to have a closer look at the world of money and in a funny way we tried to deal with money. This possibility was given to us by a new social game “Financial Freedom” which deal with this topic and it simulates the real life, where money is the unthinkable part of it. You can get a lot of experience in this game and you can spread your view into the way how to deal with money.

In particular, during the game you take care of the money of a young family and your task is to fulfil all their targets, aims and dreams, e.g. buying their own flat, going on holidays etc. At the end of the game, your clients should become financially independent. During the game, as it is in a real life, you can go through different situations such as: burglary, injury, new member of the family, promotion at work, loosing job, inflation, stock exchange changes and so on. You can also use a lot of products such as a mortgage, a loan, saving accounts and some insurances.

This game is used by 621 high schools in the Czech Republic to teach students basics of financial life, dealing with money and financial education. Our school is one of them.

Bianka M. Milovníková, kvarta A