As part of our biological seminar we visited the Černošín waste dump site to improve our knowledge of recycling, ecological education and responsible behaviour towards the environment. Moreover, we got to know the place, which is very important for its functioning of our region.

We arrived to Černošín at half past one and we were welcomed by the manager of educational programmes Mr. Josef Pacola. First of all, we moved to the meeting room and immediately Mr. Pacola started speaking about ecology in general, after that he continued with the problems of recycling and finally about the organization of the waste dump site. Next, we saw a short film about the facility of Černošín and its importance, then we briefed us about a horrible fire in 2008. In the end, we toured the waste dump site to see all its parts.

In conclusion, it was interesting to see how the waste dump site is organized, to revise recycling rules and to learn some useful new information about this fascinating topic. What is more, Mr. Pacola has been working there for plenty years and he is a true expert, when it comes to this issue. It was worth it.

Václav Kuna, sexta B