On the 7th April 2019, a group of historic fencing Pernštejn visited our school. They are from Pardubice and they came with the program called “Rome – legionnaires, gladiators and Caesars. The program was about old Rome, specifically about Caesars and republic. When we sat in the gym, we saw a big scene setting which looked very realistic.

The program was very interesting from the very beginning. The actors started with questions to check our knowledge. The short presentations from important Roman people followed. The people were for example Caesar, Augustus, Tiberius, Nero or Caligula. Some of the pupils could also participated in the show. They got some instructions and they created “a turtle”, which was a formation that protected Roman soldiers against the enemies' attacks. Eventually, the presenters showed two persuasive fights of gladiators with different weapons. The performance was very interesting, well played and for pupils of prima and sekunda it was very educative. We liked it very much.

Adam Hradil, Jakub Wirth, Adéla Loosová, sekunda A