(Review of the play we visited on 12th February)

I had an opportunity to see theatre play Tartuffe by Moliére on New Scene. The play caught my attention because I´ve never seen anything like this before. To be honest, I´m glad.

Let´s start with the positive things. The scene was minimalistic and the idea with the colourful sand was brilliant. I liked the idea that it could be interpreted in many ways.

On the other hand, they tried to make this play modern. However, as a result I ended up having some troubles to understand the plot. I also wish they wouldn´t use such explicit scene just because of the fact that sex sells.
The attempt to make it funnier with scenes, where actors were taking selfies was just sad. And that´s the main issue with this play. It was supposed to be a comedy, but I didn´t laugh at all.

To sum it up, it would have been much better if the play had been done more classically. I´d recommend it only in the case you want to see Tartuffe as the Buddhist.

Lucie Prošková, septima A