On Monday 4th me and my class went by train to the hotel Stella on Špičák. All of us were very happy that we can be there together. We met on train station Plzeň Zastávka. On train we sat in a compartment with my best friend. There was very funny atmosphere. We sang songs very loudly.

Than at 11 o´clock we finally came into a hotel. Our room was small but tidy. I shared the room with four girls. After accommodating we had lunch. My favourite food for lunch was meat with mashed potatoes. After the lunch we went to the slope. The teachers divided us into 5 groups. In group 1 there were good skiers, in group 2 there were pretty good people in group 3 there were medium good people. In group 4 and 5 there were skiers and snowboarders beginners. In all teams there were about 15 people.

Tuesday was the best day. We woke up at about 8 o´clock and then we went for breakfast. After it we went skiing and cross-country skiing. The lunch was good like always. The Wednesday´s programme was same like on Tuesday. But in the afternoon we went to Železná Ruda.

On Thursday morning we went on the slope named “Pod Šancemi”. It was so cold and snowy weather, but we didn´t mind. In the evening we danced on a disco party. It was a great trip.

Hejsková, sekunda A