On Monday, 1 PM or so, we were waiting with a lot of expectations for our friends from Albert Magnus Grammar school in Regensburg. They arrived very cheerful and happy. We loaded their luggage at school and went to explore our city of Pilsen. Our guide was very nice and spoke great German so we could understand her as well. After that we spread into our families.

Tuesday morning belonged to Pilsen as well. We visited our school, Brewery, the Brewery Museum and the Underground. It was very interesting and even our German friends were very excited with the beer production.

Wednesday was very long and demanding day as we visited our capital Prague. We visited the Castle. Our guide spoke like a native speaker and he manage to get us completely into his speech. We saw the Apostle Clock on Old Town Square and then hurray for lunch! In the afternoon we were sailing on small boats on the river Vltava with a nice and friendly helmsman. We also visited the Charles Bridge, then we had some time for ourselves, shopping and coffee of course! At five we took a train back to Pilsen. We were so tired that we went straight to bed.

On Thursday we went to Cheb. There we had to split so we said “Tschus” to our German friends for almoust the whole morning. This time with a Czech guide, we went through the whole city and we saw some of the beauties of it, such as the Square with Spalicek and the Cheb Castle. Then we again had some time for shopping, lunch and coffee. At about four we went back to Pilsen.

On Friday morning we went to Techmania where we could try a lot of experiments and we saw 3D movie in Planetarium. After the lunch we met at the train station at about 1 PM. We guided our German friends to the platform and after a heart-breaking saying good bye and saying a lot of thanx we were waving our friends off the station as their train to Regensburg was leaving.

Bára Hausnerová, Eliška Křížková, 2. A (translated)