On Friday the 12th bunch of students (SPA, SPB) had the chance to visit a small town Chyše within the Karlovy Vary district. We all were supposed to see the Chyše Chateau and the brewery here.

All students should meet at 8.30 o’clock AM. After the fight for the 5 back seats in the bus we finally set out for our journey and startlingly spent more than an hour in the vehicle. When we got off the bus, the weather was quite cold but with a nice sunlight.

We were going through the stunning garden down the promenade way till the dominance of the city - the chateau. We could also see the bust of the famous Czech writer Karel Čapek here. After the toilet break, we met our very energetic guide and also the owner - Vladimír Lažanský. He had shown us the beautiful interiors of the renovated building. The rooms were mainly furnished with the baroque furniture. The guide told us lots of information about the chateau’s history (which begins in the 12th century), the reconstruction and also about the stay of Karel Čapek in 1917, who was temporarily hired by the family as a private tutor. The owner had also prepared a small competition for us with a prize - the winner could have a taste of 18 degrees beer.

Then there was the last part of our guided tour. A part of the chateau complex is a chateau brewery. We had enjoyed our meals in a stylish restaurant. After the lunch we learnt about the brewery’s history and also its reconstruction. The long tradition of brewing in Chyše is dated as far as the 1580’s. The most exciting part for almost every student was the tasting of the 12 degrees beer Prokop.

As soon as we got back to the bus, most of our schoolmates fell asleep, so the way back to Pilsen seemed a lot shorter.

Everyone enjoyed the whole day and was glad to discover another beautiful place in our country!

Daniela Fišerová, septima A