On 24th September some of us went on a train station to welcome our new friends coming from Anton-Bruckner Gymnasium Straubing. They arrived with 3-hour delay and we were looking forward to our new friends. When the bus arrived, we were waiting for our new friends, new faces. We had some question: “How they will look like, will we understand them?”

Our first day started in front of St. Bartolomeus church where our first activity called City tandem started. We had a paper with questions about Pilsner and we had to complete it. There were two people in the team – Czech and German students. At 6 PM we had a meeting in front of our school where our parents were waiting.

On Tuesday, our first steps took us to Techmania. We all liked it. We tried a lot of interesting things and we had lunch together there. In the afternoon we went to Klatovy to see catacombs and The Black Tower. It was a great experience. In the evening we all went again to our families and we had individual programme.

We were looking so much forward to Wednesday. We all went together to Prague. We went on Charles Bridge, The Castle but I think we all enjoy most the visit of Prague Venetia. We went of the river to see the Castle, Čertovka and a lot of other beautiful things. In the evening we had again individual programme but most of us enjoyed laser-game. In the evening we had to pack our stuff and we were looking forward to our last day together.

On Thursday we left our luggage in the class at school and went to the Brewery Museum and historic underground. We had little free time to buy some souvenirs and at 1.30 we went to our school. There was a bus waiting for our German friends. It was very interesting for all of us and we are looking forward to our meeting in June 2019. Mgr. Petr Puda and Mgr. Eva Majerová were all the time with us and we want to thank them for the organisation.

Lenka Řeřichová, Phoebe Hnátová, sekunda A, volně přeloženo (translated)