On 14th June we, class 2. A,  made a trip to Plasy. Firstly we visited Fantasy Golf Park and Zoo Garden, which is built like a voyage around the world. We went through nine countries of all continents, including Mexico and Japan. We visited Ancient Greece, the Caribbean, American Wild West, dinosaurs and Transilvania with Dracula castle. There were golf holes and very sophisticated tracks everywhere in these places including the top of the mountain from the Tertiary hole. The atmosphere was fulfilled with a music of a given part of the world and even plants and animals living in specific parts and times of the world. We were fascinated by a white lion who was magnificently resting on a stone and Eddie the lemur who was trying to communicate with us.

After going thought this excellent trip in times and across the continents and countries and full with great feelings and experiences we moved to the next stop of our trip. We crossed the River Střela and we continued to the Národopisné technické museum in Plasy.

The whole museum with the exposition “building and constructing” provides historical development of constructions and building, materials and approaches. We were welcomed by a nice and kind guide who prepared a competition for us. The competition consisted of questions and we had to search the answers during the exhibition.

We had an opportunity to learn something about traditional crafts, basic building approaches as well as about technical equipment of the buildings. After getting award for the competition we went together with Mrs. Nováková and Miss Benešová to a train station. The whole way back we could feel very positive feelings from newly learnt things and from the time we spent together. We are looking forward to the next trip together.

Anna Nestlerová, 2. A (free translation)