On Tuesday the fifth, all second grade classes were together in scientist center Techmania. We met early in the morning and we were the first one to visit it. Firstly we got our tickets and we went randomly to any attraction we wanted. We actually really enjoyed this part, cause it was just incredible to watch science in this way. At school it could be pretty boring sometimes, but in Techmania every single piece of science looks as the most interesting thing in the whole world.
At nine o’clock we went to the Planetarium, where we watched a film about living as a cosmonaut. I can say, that it was really breath-taking to see it, especially in Planetarium, where screen is actually a ceiling, so you see the film basically everywhere. And of course it was something new we got to know and it was definitely one of the most interesting thing about our visit.

After it we got back to exposition and had pretty much free time with just a small questioner about some of the science experiments. We did everything we could - we tried virtual reality, saw the whole history of trains or simulated, how it is to be a professional skier. We had a lot of fun and we also found out a lot of interesting science things, which we would have never known without this trip. A big thanks to our teachers Mrs. Nováková and Mrs. Holubová with whom the excursion was the best one and we all look forward to the next one.

Iva Salivarová, sexta A