In my opinion, this play was performed absolutely great! The scene was pretty modern - there were modern costumes and coulisses, which made together a specific kind of atmosphere. It was really funny, on the other hand, I know, that the actors put some more improvisation to make it more likeable for us - students! Some people told me, that those jokes were about too much, there were some more erotic jokes than it the play for adults played in the evenings, but I have no problem with that, even though some others do.
The story was surprising form me, cause I expected something more serious and less easy-going, but at the end it came out better than I expected. For me it was just a one big chill and a romantic story about love, which had s typical happy ending.

The only problem I had during the play were girls form other classes who were constantly chatting on their phones and of course laughing about that… I wanted to kick them to recover and point out, how indecent their behavior is. We actually had a discussion about it with classmates later because all of us find it terrible.

As long as I take it as a theatre experience, it was unforgettable and rally nice. I would definitely go again if someone gave me a ticket. I love theater and also architecture and atmosphere in New Theatre is great, but I still prefer small scenes because there are just a few people, so everybody can see great and actors cooperate quite often with audience. On the other hand, it's amazing that we had a chance to go to the theatre with our school.

Iva Salivarová, sexta A