In the date of 6th till 10th June, the septimas and third grades of our school have participated in the annual sports training course in Dětský tábor Řadov.

On Monday morning, we all gathered in front of the Albert shopping centre where we loaded our bicycles and other bulky luggage on trailers. By the means of two buses, we then went to the spot. The journey took some four hours with one stop in the wonderful city of České Budějovice. After the arrival and covering the basic accomodation, the four classes parted and all of the following programme was different for each class.

From the view of the alfa-class, septima A, which was lead by Mr. Páník and Mrs. Šedivá, the first activity was a lecture on canoeing. We were quite successful in that as only two boats and thus four people managed to capsize (there were sixteen of us). The following activity was airgun shooting under the surveillance of Mr. Pavlíček and then a very interesting bicycle trip. The journey was approx. 30 kms long and we underwent a heavy rain, hailstorms, and possibly even sandstorms. A lovely dinner was provided at the end of the day and we then obediently went to sleep without any protest against our teachers.

The second day started with a small mishap from the side of the bus driver as he picked us up about an hour later than he was suppossed to. But everything ended well and we set off on a canoeing 30km trip for the whole day from the lovely village of Suchdol nad Lužnicí. In the middle of the route, we stopped for a lunch at some restaurant by the river. We met some deadly descents on the way as well as other watermen. We even tried the job of an Italian gondola! We ended the day with conjoint photos and selfies and went to sleep right after the arrival and a lovely dinner.

On Wednesday, the morning was quite stereotyped because we again went on a bicycle trip. The afternoon, on the other hand, was much more fun as we all went to swim and tan to a nearby former quarry that was eventually flooded by rain water. After that, the real tramping awoke in us - we ignited a campfire and were eating sausages and singing tramp songs until the very end of the day, accompanied by Mr. Puda and his guitar.

The Thursday morning was very similar to the one before. Yet this time, the trip was not on bikes but instead we were provided a tracking game on foot. The afternoon was diverse in the contrast. A competition was organised by our lovely professors! We were divided into random, yet absolutely balanced teams in which we participated in softball, frisbee, volleyball, and table tennis. In the end, everyone was satisfied and the victorious team of boys from septima A (excluding one) under the captain, the mighty Ngoc Han Hoang, got a pack of sweets as a reward. We went to sleep after a lovely dinner but that was not the end of the day. A surprise night tracking game was held! In teams of four we all underwent a long journey through the never ending woods depending solely on a given map and our very sense of direction. Most of the teams finished the game in about two hours, yet the outstanding team of Martin Hrabačka and Tereza Kinkorová finished much earlier and deserved a special prize for their performance.

After a not very long yet productive sleep, we all went for the sole joint bicycle trip to the lovely town of Třeboň where we spent about one and half an hour on our own. We then went back to our camping site where we packed our things and had an absolutely lovely lunch. What was very important and wasn't mentioned in the course of the narration, was that Mr. Pavlíček bought a new headlamp and really strived to show it to everyone on the course, especially at night. The other thing was something that really surpried us and that was a group of students from oktáva A and 4. B who paid a visit to us, for the evening with the campfire. All in all, the whole sports course was very beneficial to everyone who participated and I believe that every single student and teacher enjoyed the whole week.

Viktor Karlíček, septima A