On Thursday 12th May 2016 our class Kvinta A went on a trip to Prag. It wasn't the best weather, because it was raining the most of the day. We went to the trip with our teachers, Ms. Majerová, that's our history teacher and our class teacher Ms. Kajanová. It was an excursion to the Jewish Museum in our capital city, Prag.

Our trip started at quarter to eight in morning. At this time we had meeting at the main train station in Pilsen. Our train journey to Prag and back cost altogether 160 crowns. After everyone paid, we got to the train and traveled to the capital city of our country. The train journey took about one and half hour. I think that it was a quite long time.

At about quarter to ten we arrived to the main train station in Prag. Then we walked to the Jewish Museum. We had to wait a little while in front of the door to the museum, because there was a little problem with opening the door, but luckily we got inside. We then heard a lecture about Jews. I think, that the lecture was interesting, but there were some parts, which were a little bit boring. I liked that we could touch some of the Jewish things.

After the end of lecture we could eat our snacks. Then we went out with our guide, who was a young woman. We went to the Jewish cemetery, where we saw the tomb of Rabi Low. Unfortunately it started to rain exactly when we were at the cemetery, so we ran to the synagogue.
We saw for example the Old new synagogue. At all the jewish places the boys had to wear a cap. We got a special caps at the Old new synagogue, but they were small and they were falling all the time.

Afer we saw all, what we had to see, we could go wherever we want. We had a meeting at Václavské square and then we went back to the train station. At about 5 o'clock we were back at Pilsen.

In my opinion the trip was very interesting, because it was something a little bit different. We learned something about Jewish religion. I realized that even a religion can be logical.

David Ha, kvinta A