On 22nd of July, our class 2B decided to visit Prague. The whole trip didn´t start in a happy way! The weather seemed to be awful, the train was delayed. There is two hours trip in front of us but some students looks as if they are still at home in bed.

At 9.44 we are finally at Prague´s Main train station. We were divided into pairs and very quickly we are heading towards Wenceslas Square.  What´s going on there? Our first stop: The Czech Radio – Český Rozhlas. Just after the arrival there, we are taken care of by a lady who is leading us to a room full of very old transmitters and devices. “Sit down, please.” We are watching several documents connected with fights of Czech Radio during the WWII.

Now we can spread around. Everybody is going in a different direction.

After nice moments we gather all Na Můstku. No there is no climbing on Petřín. We persuaded our teacher and we can use cable car.
We are here. The beautiful weather underlines the beautiful view and experience. Some students are climbing the watch tower, some are in a maze and some are just sitting and chatting on the benches around.

After some time, we are leaving this beautiful place. On the way down, our teachers stop at the statue of Karel Hynek Mácha. All students have to recite “Máj”.  What an interesting end of the trip!

The way home was just boring.

It was worth! Prag is blissfully great.

Petr Hosnedl, 2. B