On Wednesday on 18th May 2016 our class (Kvarta A) with our history teacher, Mrs Majerová, were in Education and Research Library of Pilsen Region.

We met before 9 AM in front of the library and when everybody was there, we were able to go inside. Somebody look forward to it, but somebody didn't have a delight. In the library a very likeable woman greeted us, she said where to put our jackets and bags and after that we could go on and follow her. We were in four parts of library - musical chamber, chamber of journal, study hall and great library on the second floor. In a musical chamber we heard about a history of this building. In a chamber of journal we learnt about production of newspapers or magazines. We know about study hall that inside there is absolute silence. And the great library is on the entire second floor.

The visit to library finished after one hour, for someone it was a long, but for me it was a short. That’s why I founded reader's card in this library. I am looking forward to going there.

Kristina Bláhová, kvarta A