On the 10th May we - 1. A - visited the Koněprusy Caves. Mrs Drahokoupilová and Mrs Horská were with us and they were enjoying the trip like us - probably even more. But we were enjoying it and the tour in the caves was interesting and adventurous... For someone more, for someone less, but we liked it. The guide seemed a little bit tired, but the new information were exciting and we found out something about the caves' history, specifics, ... Then we had a lunch break, we could see the beautiful view at nature, everyone took nice photos, etc. While we were eating, we took photographs of flowers for our photo herbal for Biology lesson. Our trip continued in the forest, where we had to recognize a few kinds of plants. There was warm there and we were tired, but we made it bravely I think. Our tour ended at the kiosk. Then we set off back to Pilsen and then home.  We loved the trip and we are looking forward to another one.

Martina Jandová, 1. A