It was Thursday and we were supposed to meet at the main train station at 7:45 AM. Teachers that organized this trip were Mrs. Horská and Mrs. Dostálová.

May I just say that everyone was really excited to go on this trip just because we will travel somewhere with Mrs. Horská, because we thought it will be really funny, as we all know, Mrs. Horská is really funny person, when it comes to traveling.
Anyways... after the meet up, teachers counted all of the students and bought the tickets, so we didn't have to get them by ourselves. It was faster that way too.

Then we we're finally ready to get in the train. Almost every single one of us had a place to sit, maybe just 3 or 4 of us had to stand for a while, the trip by train was something like 15 minutes long, so it was no problem at all.

After we got out of the train, we had to walk for like 20 minutes to get to the mine. For most of us, it was for the first time, that we saw a mine, we imagined it a little bit different, it looked very natural. Nothing like black routes and grey stones.

It was a pretty little mountain and almost everywhere you look, you could've seen trees, river and brushes. It was really pretty.
When teachers finally found an owner of that mine, the visitation could have begun.

First, we got a safety hats, because there is no guarantee, that nothing is going to fall on our heads, so just to be sure. Then we finally got into the mountain. The attendant told us about life of miners and showed us their gear while we were going through the tunnels. For taller boys in our class (including me) these tunnels were the worst thing about this trip. We had to almost crawl to get trough. Tunnels were like 160 cm tall, but most of the boys are about 180-190 cm tall, so it was a little bit uncomfortable.

When we finally got trough, we went into place that was big enough to stand normally in there, and it had all the minerals that we could find in the mine, all sorted out so we could see their different colours, shapes and combinations.

That just about ended the visitation of the mine, it was time to go to the mine museum, so we walked for 20 minutes again to get there.
We even got papers from Mrs. dostálová, that we needed to fill with information’s, that we will get in the museum. Teacher even said that if someone doesn't write down even 1 information, he/she is not going home by the train. So we were motivated a little bit.

The visitation in the museum was a little bit better, just because it took place in normal house with ceiling 5 meters of the ground. This time there was no big chunks of stone with tiny bits of minerals in there, because in here, they were keeping their biggest and greatest things, that they have ever found that mine we went to earlier. For example, they had a huge chunk of quartz, that weighted about 100 kg with big pieces of galena inside. Also, there was a history section with the uniforms that miners had to wear, along with things that people used in medieval.

After that, we got like 1 hour of free time to spend in Stříbro, so we scattered around the city and bought some food, basically everyone bought some food, because we were really hungry, and then went to the square. We ate all the food and then had to go back to the place where we meet with teachers again. It was time to go to the train station.

Of course, it would not be a trip if we didn't take the longer way and experienced the nature, not that it was bad, but unexpected and we don't really like unexpected. It also served a different way, because Mrs. Dostálová was gathering a lot of flowers along the way, everyone though that it was for some stuff for school... But it was for us.

When we got to the train station, Mrs. Dostálová has spread the flowers on the ground and told us, that we need to identify all of these flowers. Again, nobody wanted to do that, but we had to, so we write down what we knew. Let me just tell you that dandelion could have been found on all of our papers.

When train already arrived, we got into our coupés and went back to Pilsen. It was funny trip, so we hope we will get another one of those.

Milan Nedoma, kvarta B