On the 26th of May, Tercie A went to Prague. We went by train. It took us for about 1,5 hour. Some of us were playing some games. It was fun. We saw Prague Castle and there were lots of people, so it was quite difficult to find the others.  Then we saw Jubilee synagogue, which was very pretty and then Charles Bridge, where we couldn't shop there because we were running out of time.

Then we saw Clementinum, Prague Estates Theatre and lots of interesting places. I like Charles Bridge the most, but everything was very pretty. I'm so happy, that I was there.We were there with Mrs. Majerová and Mrs. Benešová. After that long day, we went to Wenceslass Square where we could have a lunch or go shopping. Some of us went to Starbucks or McDonalds and the others were shopping.

And then we went to the train station and we went home.

Jan Mařík, tercie A