On the 11th May, our class Tercie B visited The Mining  Museum in Příbram. We left Pilsen at 7 o’clock and we went by bus. We looked forward to our trip, because we wanted to visit the area, where silver or uranium were extracted. We arrived at Příbram at half past 8. The first place, we visited, was the building with the old mining lift which was used by miners. Then we went to another building, where was installed the collection of minerals and rocks. The last part of our trip we spent in the underground of the mine.

The first mine, we visited, was called Drkolnov. The long slide leads into this mine.  The visitors can ride on this slide. Then we had to continue to the visit of the mine Drkolnov.  Here we saw the biggest water wheel in the Czech Republic. The wheel was used for drainage of mine. Next mine, we saw, was the mine Anna. There we spent approximately one hour. There were remainders of the second water wheel in this mine. But there were some other points of interest to see. We came to Pilsen at half past five.

I think everybody enjoyed our trip.

Marek Páník, tercie B