We worked really hard last days so we already deserved some breather. Our class teacher, Mrs Eretová, with our history teacher, Mrs Mervartová, took us on the trip to Prague which we enjoyed a lot.

The first experience was an amazing boat trip on the Vltava river. Our guide, dressed up in nautical clothes, showed us some pictures which pictured the process of the Charles Bridge construction. Besides this, he also told us where the name Vltava comes from. It has a Celtic origin and it means “wild river“. At the beginning we also got chocolate ice creames and flavored mineral water so we didn’t miss anything. Our guide came from Pilsen but he didn’t have to tell us this information at all because we could recognize it according to his typical Pilsen accent and words.

Then we visited the Museum of Charles Bridge. We saw there some craft tools which the builders used for constructing the bridge. Our eloquent guide also told us some information about Charles IV and his wives. I liked this guide very much because of her loud and clear speaking, I don’t like when I’m almost falling asleep durig the visitations.

We arrived back to Pilsen a few minutes before 5 o’clock,  very tired but satisfied that we have other great experinces with our class. Neither the weather  dissapointed us – it was pleasantly warm all day,  which also participated on our good mood.

Eliška Průšová, 1. A