On Tuesday some classes of our school including ours were invited to a fencing performance. We considered it very interesting as it was pretty educational and here and there a bit funny as well. So, how did it go, you ask? Well, first of all, we got an introduction from one of the performers and then the show started.

It started with a person talking to us about some stuff concerning the town he lived in (that of course being the one in the play) and after that he invited a person to his castle. The person that he invited was the ruler of the army in that town; after he stepped in they had a chat and they were asking each other about questions, for instance the ruler was asking questions about the castle he lived in. After a while their interest targeted the weapons and they spent a while explaining history of their creation and name including the way people used them and the way they use these weapons nowadays. This led to yet another short conversation about the ruler’s life and his army.

The next scene was including us since the castle owner asked the army ruler to show him his army, and we were supposed to get on the stage while the performers were positioning us and thus showed us the way they were making formations back then. At the end, when we all got back to our seats, they showed us a really neat fight with swords, which was my favorite part.

So that was the whole thing, all of us really enjoyed it and I’d say so myself.

Alan Karlíček, sekunda A