Me and my class visited Měšťanská beseda in Pilsen together with all other classes in our grade and several other. I was honestly quite looking forward to this performance, because I heard that is very good and funny. Unfortunately it was not what I expected it to be. The performance was played by actors from a group called “Divadlo Klauniky” which is originated in Brno. Don Quijote was played by Lenoire Montaine who is one of the best actors who play stilts. Sancho Panza, in this remake governess Anča was played by Zuzana Anna Rút.

The performance itself had sever bright moments but also couple of negatives. This remake was basically trying to bring this story to the modern generation in a funny way. Actors stuck to the main ideas of the original plot but everything else was quite different. Don Quijote was trying to pursue us, students, to start reading again and care more about books which seems to be the issue of our generation.

I must admit that the information about the play being funny was correct. However, I was not involved in the play itself. What they also tried to do was to include quite decent amount of people from the audience into the play. That was quite nice and I liked it until it went a bit too far for me. When the actor was giving us funny nicknames, we all laughed and when some people needed to say certain things or get involved a bit in the play, it was still fine for me. But when our poor math teacher had to go up on the stage and pretend to marry Don Quijote it was a bit too much. The play had couple of those moments including the ending one. Why on earth would anybody ask the audience to take their shoes off? I didn’t get the point of that at all and it seemed kind of rude as well.

All in all, I’ve been at worse theatre plays and this wasn’t at least that boring as some of the other ones can be, but I didn’t like many moments of the play. It was definitely funny but sometimes it was too much. I probably can recommend the performance because it should also wary a bit from our ones as I’ve read so far on the internet. I haven’t found any mentions about taking the shoes off so that might be just our case. However, the wedding scene seems to be a regular thing so get ready for it if you will consider visiting this play.

Adam Vacek, sexta A