Some of the classes of our school participated in a program which was targeted against drug usage. It was for older students mainly for sextas and second years.
This exhibition and the whole program wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it wasn't very good either. The man who worker here was kind and even funny sometimes. They gave us surveys that we had to anonymously fill so they could use our opinion about the train and our view on drugs. It was divided into few parts and in each one they projected us a scene from a movie and afterwards they asked us what would we do in their situation or explained us how bad the drugs are. That was basically all.

Before entering the train I didn't expect anything from and I thought it would be boring. But after we got out I wasn't disappointed, it wasn't so bad after all, but I would say that this exhibition didn't have any influence on our opinion on drugs because we all have already made our mind up. But it might be really good to show it to younger kids.

Martin Škopek, sexta A