On Wednesday I had to get up earlier than usual. It was because of me and other older students were going to visit Munich, the capital city of Bavaria. At quarter to six a.m., we had meeting with teachers and in front of our school and at six a.m. our bus arrived and we were ready to go to discover Munich.

After four long hours we finally parked next to the National Museum of Science and Technology. It was a monumental building with a big astronomy themed clock on top. Inside the building there were 6 floors of technology inventions and exhibitions. From the first to third floor there were exposures as ships, aeronautics, musical instruments or ceramics. Last three floors had common topic – astronomy. There were lots of subjects for observing the sky or space, for example telescopes, old space satellites or model of first field glasses.

After a little break, we moved to the BMW Welt. It was something like big storefront for new BMW, Rolls Royce or Mini Cooper automobiles and motorcycles. We could take the photo with any car we want and we could sit into them and imagine that we are driving it. And when people have lots of money they could buy a car there too.

Then we visited Museum of BMW history. We could see there BMW old timers, concepts of motorbikes, plans and models of factories even new modern automobiles. There was one special, it was coated with silver metallic leather. This car was very interesting and unusual o we could barely imagine to own it or drive it.

At least we saw the Olympiaturm, a tower which was built when there were Olympic Games in Munich. From the top of the tower we could see in full view. On the way back to bus we also went through the whole Olympic park which has really amazing architecture. It looked like it could fall down anytime but it was very stable and perfectly constructed.

On the way to home we said goodbye to this beautiful city and after another four hours we were back in Pilsen, full of amazing experiences.

Natálie Motysová, kvarta A