On 23rd April we were on yearly trip - cleaning the river Berounka of plastic bottles (project Eko punk 2016). In this year the students were riding on two canoes, these boats were connected together. This system of boats is more stable and safe. Students were cleaning a place between Bílá Hora  and the weir in Bukovec.
Every year we find a lot of interesting and amazing things. People have no idea, what we can find in the river. We found many tennis balls like every year. I think, that we found almost 20 tennis balls. Casual thing, which we found every year and there are really many glass bottles. Among “our biggest catches” we can include e.g.: frisbee of the Czech Post or haunch (it has at least 11lbs!).

We had acceptable weather, though it was a little bit raining, when we arrived to the finish. At the end of the trip we roasted sausages, it was good, because we were already tired. After roasting, cleaning boats and packing all the things we went to the bus stop in Bukovec and we dissolved and went home.

Everyone is excited for next year of cleaning the river!

Tereza Tomanova, kvarta A