On 11th April our class sekunda A and sekunda B went to Dřevčická fortress. First of all we traveled by bus for two hours. After it we got off the bus and the fortress was in front of us.

We went in. A few minutes later Mr. Ženíšek came and we had an excursion. We saw original rooms, original fortress owners in the pictures and we saw the place where was a drawbridge. It was twelve o´clock so we had a fillet with baked potatoes for lunch and as a desert we had  strawberry ice cream.

After lunch we played lots of games which people played in the Middle Ages, for example: shooting from crossbow, walking on stilts, walking on skis. Then we took photos together and in the end of our school trip there was a short disco.

I think students and teachers - Martina Walterová, Milena Hirschová a Petr Puda enjoyed it.

Šimon Kopa, sekunda A