On Tuesday, 8th March, we, kvarta A, had an ecological lecture. It was given by 2 men who work for ČEZ. They work with nuclear energy as well. These guys were explaining us some ecological things and situations. I can mention some examples like use of sawdust in heating industry.

The next topic was about a natural gas and it´s use either for fuel or in heating industry too. The third topic was about effect of certain kinds of energy to our bodies, because all these aspects have also some drawbacks.

We can create electricity in many ways but if has got a negative impact for our health, like radiation (from some metals), factory smokes etc.

At the end of this lecture there was a small contest for small badges with ČEZ logo.

The whole lecture was very interesting and funny. We learnt a lot of new things about ecology, how it works and what is its practical use in our real lives.

I enjoyed the lecture very much and I hope that my classmates as well. I would like to have more of these interesting lectures and activities.

Jaromír Studnička, kvarta A