It’s the 21st March and a smell of freshly fried pancakes is luring the students to go to class 118 where the magic is happening.

Our teacher, Mrs. Fajtová was preparing this event for quite a while now. Because of the Day of Francophonie we are forced to bring food to school without eating it ourselves. I brought Nutella for example and it was a real challenge not to eat it on my way to school. But I succeeded.
Besides of great food students could also try to learn a little bit of French FOR FREE (that needs to be pointed out) and try to play games in French. Us, who all speak French fluently of course could learn how to make the perfect French „crepe“.

To our surprise many people came and if there wasn’t for Mrs. Hirschová who calmed the students with her mighty voice and words „GO AWAY! TEACHERS EAT FIRST. I WANT TWO PANCAKES!“ we would probably be eaten as well.

This article should also serve as a quick apology to the buffet lady (whose name was kept secret because of the witness protection). We took majority of her customers that day and we are very sorry.

Now a bit of seriousness. Day of Francophonie takes place each year on the 20th March and when that happens, people can visit theatres, cinemas and expositions with events that are connected with francophone countries. Each year there is also contest for students where they can use their artistic skills.

Markéta Zindulková, sexta A