On 9th of March we were once again invited by Mr Jiří Hlobil to the West Bohemia Gallery to present our skills ranging from acting to playing an instrument and singing. The show was written and composed by our teacher Andrea Řeháčková and comprised more than half a dozen short scenes about what ‚classic‘ meant.

Weather it was a behaviour of students in school or grown men arguing about who had a tougher life you would have found plenty of it there. The cast did not just consist of veteran actors from 4.A but we had several new rising stars from Septima joining our little ‚theatre group‘.  The audience, mainly friends and parents and even several teachers from the Masarak Grammar School attended the event, including the headmistress, could enjoy an hour of fun and excitement.

The show ended on a bitter-sweet note, since it was our last play with Mrs Řeháčková and her group, and we were given a round of applause which made us prouder than anytime before.

Filip Polák, 4. A