On the 9th of March, septima A took the mourning train on a cloudy day to go see how they look at the sky from Štefánik´s Observatory. Although they couldn´t show us the sun we got to see two telescopes. One quite unique, with only one of ten of its kind in the world, and then a smaller, but much more powerful telescope.

While there is a permanent exhibition, the most unique sight was a collection of 50 meteorites from all over the world, borrowed by a private owner. They ranged from just a few millimetres in diameter to two almost too heavy to lift.

Even though a cloudy day is not the time to visit an observatory, and the copulas are as cold as the outside, it is always enchanting to look up and think of the places so far away that we will never know whether there is life in them. The night sky has inspired great scientists and artists alike since the beginning of human history.

And for that reason it is good to take a step away from learning alone and bring a little curiosity about the world out there into our minds.

I like that trip very much.

Zuzana Káčereková, septima A