From the 29th of February to the 4th of March 2016 classes Sekunda A and Sekunda B were on the skiing course at Špičák. This course was very successful. Fifty-eight students took part in that course. But some students couldn’t attend because they were ill.

There was a lot of snow when we arrived the first day. After unpacking we had lunch. Then we went skiing. We split into four teams in which we skied and had competitions. After skiing, we went for a short walk. There was ‚Chamois’s uphill run’. The winner girl was Karolína Loosová and the winner boy was Adam Šebesta. In the evening there was a movie quotes competition.

On the second day after the breakfast, we were skiing for three hours. In the afternoon all students attended Cross-Country skiing practice. After practicing we had a Cross-Country skiing race. The winner girl was again Karolína Loosová and the winner boy was Matouš Křížek. In the evening we had film-knowledge competition.

On the third day after the breakfast, we were skiing again. In the afternoon the teachers prepared a trip to Železná Ruda. Everybody enjoyed that trip. During the walk we played some competitions. In the evening we played brainstorm competition.

Thursday began like any other day, so skiing. In the afternoon better cross-country skiers were on the trip. Other cross-country skiers played again some competitions. In the evening, we had disco with perfect DJ David Grossmann. Doctor Holubová taught us a new dance. We really enjoyed it.
Friday was the last day of our course. It started like all previous days. Breakfast and then skiing. After returning, we had to start packing stuff and then leave. We went back to Pilsen by train.

Everyone absolutely loved and enjoyed the course, me too. We are looking forward to the next skiing course in the fifth year of Masaryk grammar school.

Adam Šebesta, sekunda A