On 24th of February our class Sekunkda B went to Měšťanská Beseda in Pilsen on a document about Africa. Our guide was a traveller Adam. We saw the document about the east and south-east Africa. It was interesting. We visited the capital city of Ethiopia Addis Ababa. A lot of champion runners were born here, but it is not easy to train here. Their stadium is small and they have bad air. Next we saw hot magma which is unbelievable. Every step was dangerous.

With Adam we visited poor district. People live on streets and their houses are small dirty and broken. With our traveller we met African tribes. Their habits were uncommon or scary. One from the habits was some earthen plate embedded in lower lip. We were also observing lions. Their methods of hunting were incredible. They ran very fast. A lion "king of Africa" eats first and a lioness eats last. The whole document was interesting but our country is better.

Viktorie Sýkorová, sekunda B