It’s not so long ago, when in Pilsen the New Theatre was built.  It replaced Chamber theatre and in my view it was a quite good idea.

On Friday 11th of March half of our school went there. Some students of our school went there for the first time.  I haven´t seen this theatre inside before too, so I was very excited, maybe also because of different opinions, that I’ve heard about it. When you look at this building, you can see very specific architecture. I don’t know, if I like it or if I would rather see something more classic, but I could definitely say, that it’s really interesting.
When you come in, you can go straight to a locker room, where you leave your coats and go up the stairs to the theatre hall. It’s very nice here, there are almost 500 seats and it has a really good acoustics.

We saw a performance called Sboristé. It was a satiric comedy from socialist times. The story was about some Bulgarians, who are preparing themselves for a trip to Czechoslovakia. They want to do the best representational performance, but even though they try so hard, it’s a bit more funny than serious.  It’s interesting to see how people in socialism take former government.

It’s pity, that we didn’t know exactly what happened in those times, because we are too young, but most of our teachers were really happy, cause they got it with all those inside jokes. But I personally think, that even though we didn’t live in these times, we laughed a lot, because the performance has sincerely perfect jokes. We could behold some awesome famous actors such as for example Petr Konáš, Jakub Zindulka or my favourite Martin Stránský. All of them were absolutely perfect, seriously now. I liked it a lot, it was a way better than every performance I saw in last five years and trust me, I am quite a cultural person.

Last but not least I wanna say that it was a nice cultural experience and also New Theatre surprised me a lot.

I will go there, maybe, a bit more often than just once a year with school.

Iva Salivarová, kvarta A