On Tuesday, March 22nd, me, Septima A and B gathered at the Mikulášské grammar school to hear out the 85 years old Věra Sosnarová, a Czechoslovakian survivor of Soviet jails and the Gulag labour camp prisoner.

Dragged away to Siberia at mere 14 years with her sister and mother she spent the total of 19 years in living hell. Between years 1945 and 1964 she witnessed countless murders, moved and buried the dead and listened to the screams of hospital patients being burnt alive.  She lost and buried her mother after mere three months in the labour camp. Only in 1965 she finally returned to Prague.

Her chilling and heart-breaking story proves that the evils of the past must not be forgotten, so that they are never repeated. We may have been the last to hear of the terrors of the 20th century from the mouth of a survivor, but her story will remain for the future generations in her book “Krvavé jahody”.

Zuzana Káčereková, septima A