Lecture about Islands

Days of geography have been organized in the Czech Republic since 2014. And in the second year of their existence they visit our school. Mr. Kohout had lecture in our class. What did he talk about? We learned a lot of new information about two islands and one archipelago. Iceland, Madeira and Canary Islands. Mr. Kohout divided us into three groups and one of them could choose from three animals (we missed only saint Trinity). They chose a bull - symbol of Iceland. So the first part of teacher´s speech (it had three parts!) was given to them. But the other people from class could listen too. And they did.

He spoke about icebergs, volcanoes or Iceland culture. It was interesting. He tried to say the names of volcanoes in Icelandic and we tried to remember it. But it was too hard, so I can´t remember any. He talked about Iceland in one lesson. But we had only two lessons! So in the second lesson he talked about Madeira and Canaries. We learned so many new things. The symbol of Madeira is a sea-dog or Canaries were named after a dog. There are lots of volcanoes too. Flower celebrations have been organized on Madeira. And islands on Canaris are really different. 

In the future we want more lessons like these!

Jan Rosenthaler, 2. B

Lecture about the USA

Michal Kohout, the lecturer of California University came to our school. He was born in Pilsen, but for many years he lived in the USA. He was teaching geography there and he teaches at the West Bohemian University nowadays.

He came to our school to give us a lecture of geography. It was interesting, we learned lot of interesting facts about US. Not just about where the mountains or rivers are but also about history, what Americans think about each other or which music is popular in which state. It can be a great motivation for us because a person from Pilsen could become a lecturer of the university in USA. I like it very much.

Martin Tamáš, 3. A