Welcome to Masaryk Grammar School!

This grammar school was established in 1920. During its existence it has resided in several buildings in the city. Since 1953 it has been situated in Petákova Street. In 1990, after the Velvet Revolution, the school was named after our first Czechoslovak President Tomáš Garigue Masaryk.

Nowadays, the school has about 720 students and circa 60 teachers. The school runs both the 8-year and 4-year streams, i.e. students can study at this school after achieving very good results in the entrance exams at the age of 11 or 15. The school ranks among the best of its kind in the Pilsen region. Students study in classes specialized in modern languages (English, German, French). In the last two years classes specialized in English and German study history in the given languages. Besides compulsory subjects they have especially in the last two grades a wide choice of electives (e.g. information technologies, creative writing, Russian, French, natural sciences, literature). They choose those they will need for their final exams (at the age of 19), and then for entrance exams at universities and colleges. Every year about 95 % of our graduates succeed, and thus enrol in the universities of their choice. They apply especially to Medical Faculties, Schools of Economics, Faculties of Arts, Faculties of Natural Sciences, Universities of Technology. A great number of students also sit for state exams or international exams in English, German and French, as they need a very good knowledge of languages for their future careers, or some of them plan to study for some time at colleges and universities in the countries of the European Union, as well as overseas.

In addition to the academic demands, the school offers a limited choice of hobby circles. There prevail sports activities, such as football, floorball (School Floorball League), ice-hockey matches, basketball or table-tennis. Our students represent the school also in handball, swimming, chess and athletics.

After 1989, we have been free to make contacts with young people and schools in many other countries of Europe. We have twin schools in Germany and in Denmark. We organize student exchanges, seven-day trips to Great Britain, twice we have visited the United States (55 students), stays in Germany, France, Italy. It is a very good way of getting to know other nations, cultures, ethnic minorities. For 25 years German and English native speakers have been teaching conversation classes at our school. We also make use of the international institutions which have their residences in Pilsen, i.e. British Council (English Library), Alliance Francaise, Goethe Institut.

We have a long tradition of friendly contacts with students from the US, high school students from former US military bases in Germany, students from American universities (within the Outreach and Atlantic Bridge projects). In the past several foreign students from Australia, Canada and the United States studied at our school, which was arranged through international educational projects. Some of our students also spend some time (months or the whole school year) at high schools in Great Britain, Canada, the United States, or New Zealand. Then they share their experience and impressions with the other students.

PhDr. Jana Tolletová
Head of English Department