On Tuesday, students from Straubing, Germany arrived. We were looking forward to them a lot. The bus stopped opposite our school and we hoped that we could recognize our friends. We were looking forward a lot but we were afraid as well. There were two teachers coming with students – Mr. Bernard and Mrs. Zora. Czech and German students were divided and we went for a short tour around our school. The German students left their luggage in one of the classes and after 30 minute tour we went to Techmania – a scientific centre. We had two hours there. We enjoyed a lot e.g. Titanic exposition or great “jo jo”. Time was passing quickly and after two hours we returned to school. The parents picked us there and we went hope together with our German friends. We had to take care of our German friends.

On Wednesday we met at the square and we had to fulfil the tasks about our city. We had to communicate with our German friends to complete our working sheets. Then we had an hour for ourselves. It was fun. We could get friends playing some games. Then we went to Pilsen historic underground. Then we went for lunch and then there was bowling. This was the best part of the day. After that we had our own individual program. I was with my German friend in the Zoo Gardens where we stayed till late evening.

On Thursday we went to Prague. We visited Museum of Senses. We tried to exist without one of our senses and how our lives would change without them. Then we went to Oldtown Square and Wenceslaus Square. We had lunch there. After the lunch we went to Charles Bridge and to the Museum of Charles Bridge. Then we were on o boat trip on the River Vltava, we saw a lot of interesting things and the last stop was Kampa. Unfortunately we had to return back to the railway station and back to Pilsen.

Friday was our last day of this exchange stay. We took our German friends to the lessons of music, English and German language. Then we had a tour in Pilsen Urquell Brewery. We had lunch in our school canteen and then we accompanied our friends to the train station. They set on the trip back to Straubing. We were really sad to say goodbye and we are looking forward to June, when we will see our German friends again.

Mrs. Zora finished everything with her popular word: “Gruppenfoto”. It drove me crazy but she was only joking.

We would like to than Mr. Puda and Miss Míšková for organizing this exchange.

I am so much looking forward to June.

Johana Štíbrová, Sára Hejnová, sekunda A, free translation