Last Friday, our school organized an event for the whole day, in which we travelled through the time back to times of totality, when communists ruled eastern part of Europe. Everything was decorated in style of socialist school, even the teachers and basically whoever wanted was dressed in some old clothes. The school was divided into a lot of posts, which were themed about something. There were posts such as SNB, StB, Army or History lessons in times of totality. There were a lot more posts, some more exciting than others, but overall, it was great.

Our class, started at SNB post which was under a command of comrade teacher Babčaníková. We were divided into smaller groups of four or five students and together we were completing a paper in which we´ve got to know the parts of police and how SNB operated. If we were not working we were screamed at and a hitting of a baton into a desk was very persuasive – everything just to demonstrate the atmosphere and the brutality of SNB. We were there about 30 minutes and then we moved to the next station about StB. Comrade Řeháčková was telling us about practices of StB, apart from not being divided into groups, there were no lists to complete. Some posts were more practical and active than the others.

We were moving though school while being on posts like socialist teacher, history lessons of communist era, or Censorship and many more, until half past eleven. Than we had break to go to lunch and go around the school for a while. After the break we could freely go around posts we wanted, but everyone from the class rushed to comrade Páník and his conscript exercises. Sadly, we couldn't try it out. However, at least we could watch. It was hilarious, as comrade Páník dropped funny lines. We also could see Poupata and comrade Stoček's PE lessons.

I really enjoyed the day and I think I can speak for my friends too and say that it was really exciting and very educative day (as I believe I will remember far more from this day than from the boring textbook) and that it is great that teachers prepared this project.

Damien Špulák, kvinta B