On 30 September, after my 2-week illness, I came to the school, usually, I’d be really angry, you know, Monday… but this time, it was different, I was excited about survival course when we came to Melchiorova Huť we chose rooms, my roommates were Kuba and Bobík. Kuba didn’t forget to bring RGB Strips to look cool so our room was really popular.

After an hour in our room, we had to go to some building, our class had Biology first, and it was pretty boring, then we were doing some exercises to make “our social relationship” stronger, and it was surprisingly interesting. After all of this, we had lunch, food was not something special here, so I’ll not mention it anymore, to be honest, sometimes it was pretty disgusting! Then we were building some tents and in the evening, we were divided into groups (of 4 to 5 people) and we went to some “scary walk” through the forest, it was not scary at all, only girls were afraid.

The next day, we ran a run and I was even cooking! In the evening we had the challenge to make some “totem” of our team and say in front of 60 people what it is, and what is the meaning of it, surprisingly we were eighth, even though we had the worst totem in my opinion. Then we were just simply sitting in front of the fire.

The next day was the last day, in the forenoon, we had to run a “Predator race”. It was made of obstacles and we had to pass them, the hardest was definitely walking on the slip line over the water reservoir, actually, a lot of people fell into the cold (like 5 degrees I guess) water! But they got a lot of candies. Only two people for each team had to do it, and fortunately, I didn’t have to. Then we had lunch, quick cleanup, and then go home.
So the survival course was amazing but short, It was nothing I was expecting, in a positive way obviously.

Matyáš Matta, tercie B