Between 7th and 11th October, our friends and students from Regensburg came to visit us. First we met on Monday at 1 PM at the main train station. We chose the exchange student who we were going to spend the week with and share our homes. We together left our luggage behind and went for lunch. Stomach filled, we started our sightseeing tour on the Square. We learnt something new. We were divided into Czech-German couples and we had to fill in work sheets connected with the square we even played Chinese whispers. At the end of the day we just went hope to our families.

On Tuesday we went to Prague. A very nice young man, our guide, told us something about the center of our capital and about some historic buildings. His gripping talk was only disturbed by the rain. We enjoyed a cruise on the Vltava and we saw some pictures shown by our helmsman. And then back to Pilsen to individual programs in the families.

We started our Wednesday with a visit of our school where students could participate in English and German lessons. Then we went to Brewery Museum and Pilsen Underground were we split into a German and Czech group. After a lunch break we visited Pilsen Brewery where we learnt a lot of interesting information about beer production. The individual program of this day was the longest one because we spent the whole day in our home town.

The target of our Thursday trip was Karlštein where we could see the castle and we had a German and Czech sightseeing tour. We were shown even the Holy Cross Chapel where we were astonished by the beauty of its room. Enriched with a lot of facts from the history of the castle and our history we returned to Pilsen after the lunch.

We began Friday, our last day together, leaving luggage at school. Then we saw Brummel´s House in Pilsen, one of architectonical pieces of work of Adolf Loos. And then we only had lunch, accompanied our German friends to school to pick up their luggage and to go to the train station. And then, hugging, waving, saying good bye and our friends returned to Regensburg.

Veronika Janů, sexta A, free translation